Deathstars:The Last Ammunition

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“The Last Ammunition”
Artist: Deathstars
Albums: Termination Bliss (2006)

Guns and ammo lie in front of you
The clips are all loaded, now what shall you do?

This is how it starts when the end glows wildly in the dark
This is how it starts when the last breath ends the last spark

Nine, nine, nine!

The last ammunition
Let the clips fall down
The last ammunition
And fall to the ground

The Desert Eagle spreads its wings for you
Kiss the cold steel then let the bullets come through

This is the ultimate end, I'll make it sure that you will see
As I shall kiss the cold steel and see how dark this day really can be

Bite the blank steel now let the bullets come through
The silver eagle says it's time to...

"Shoot the last ammunition"
- Come on and do it now
"Shoot the last ammunition"
- I'm going to show you how!

This is how it must end, So bright shines the pistol
This is how I'll feel when the last clip is falling
And the barrels are glowing tonight...