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Chicane is a pseudonym used by English electronic musician and record producer Nick Bracegirdle. He was born on 28 February 1971, in London.

Chicane is known for the singles "Offshore", an Ibiza dance anthem included in thousands of compilations in both chill-out and dance form; "Saltwater", which featured vocals by Clannad member Máire Brennan and is ranked among the best-ever trance-singles; "Autumn Tactics"; and especially the #1 smash hit "Don't Give Up", which features vocals by Bryan Adams. His other hits include the fast-paced "Halcyon", and the dance melody "Love on the Run" featuring the vocals of Peter Cunnah, former D:Ream singer.

In addition, Bracegirdle also worked under the alias Disco Citizens, producing a handful of less radio-friendly, vocalless tracks with a stronger progressive house sound. Working with singer Vanessa St. James and producer Mr. Joshua, Bracegirdle was part of the Mr. Joshua Presents Espiritu project, known for the song "In Praise of the Sun", released with both English and French vocals.

Bracegirdle's body of work for other artists includes working as a producer for Bryan Adams and Cher on her album Living Proof. He has also done a number of remixes for artists such as Everything but the Girl, Billie Ray Martin, Bryan Adams and Enigma. In addition, he composed music for the PlayStation game Formula One.


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