Capercaillie:Truth Calling

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“Truth Calling”
Artist: Capercaillie

The words you wrote spilled like a poet's to the page
Your eyes lit up as lovers met across a stage
The warmth we saw in you came from deep within
But the tenderness we cling to was a blanket for your pain

The stars I gaze upon seem different since that day
While one shines brighter, another fades away
You light up the winter sky, the moon at your command
Convinced you didn't mean it, but your soul had different plans

This is truth calling, makes its way to me
And this is love falling, falling at our feet

She was your sister, your neighbour, she was your daughter, your carer
She was your mother, your sharer, she was your friend, your lover

The bowing heads of many hold your image in their minds
The endless search for answers occupy the time
Gazing at the pictures, with eyes they fail to see
Why in a moment, robbed of reason, you embraced eternity