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Artist: Atmosphere
Albums: Overcast!

We did a album
We no fuck no woman on another one

Shit gets tense right before I hence forth
Use common sense and don't bring your ass up north
Built a tall fence, so high you can't see in
Tilt your defense, bitch; you ain't hard, you just pretend
The force is much too big, so you can never conquer
Fuck you up kiddie, and once again for the encore
I'm much more MC then you could ever fuckin' be
And you thought it was you, but I control your destiny
The A-N-T lays the track for murder,
Spawn sends the attack with words he insert, blurs the vision
Time for the decision; thumbs up, no thumbs down
You should'a known it was us when you felt the shakin' ground
Makin' sound waves that pave ways to go
It's not who you know, it's what you know, so let it go
I got a lot of angles, too many for simple minds to count
Yo, you want to tango? You made an offer, you just bounce
The last ounce of breath has now left your body
Life now past tense 'cause your rhyme skills are sloppy
You couldn't stop me, that's what it comes down to
You cannot rock me, be warned motha' fucka', old school

Grabbed by the shoulders
Ripped in half like the broken flyers to your show
Told you not to try to flow
Not 'cause you're weak, it's 'cause you don't freak to speak
With any type of technique from deep inside
I peeped your vibe, it seems to thrive off the shit of a minute
But I've come to stop the cries and let my feces fossilize
And when it's hard as a granite rock rock
It was plastic, this planet rock rock
I grab the fastest thoughts to make this planet stop stop
Understand the understated
'Cause it's unnecessary to undermind the underestimated, underrated
Under one nation of under-achievers,
Who undercut by fuckin' under the table
Under the nose of unbelievers
With that in mind, how do you find the time to dislike me?
Bitch, give me the mic and I'ma gut you like a pisces
What's fucked up is I don't even know you
But we got track left to kill so I'ma show you
And you can show your whole crew
I don't care if you know me or you hate me
There's somethin' in Minneapolis and I think it's startin' to spread
The mass of air surrounding the earth's surface
'Ey-yo, see you on the next one, thank you for the purchase