Aerosmith:I Ain't Got You

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“I Ain't Got You”
Artist: Aerosmith
Albums: Live! Bootleg (1978)
Composers: Clarence Carter
This song is a cover of I Ain't Got You by The Yardbirds.

I got a Maserati G.T
With snakeskin upholstery
I got a charge account at Goldblatt's
But I ain't got you

I got a closet full of clothes
But no matter where it goes
It keeps a ring in the nose
But I ain't got you

I got a tavern and a liquor store
I play the numbers, yeah, four forty-four
I got a mojo, yeah, don't you know
I'm all dressed up with no place to go

I got women to the right of me
I got women to the left of me
I got women all around me
But I ain't got you
No, I ain't got you

(Third Verse)

(Fourth Verse)

No I ain't got you