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Artist: Zox
Albums: The Wait (2006)
Lyricists: Eli Miller

Baby, I do believe I’m fallen.
Tumbling down, inside and out,
until the morning comes around.
Sometimes I’m sure that I am crazy.
It’s taking its toll, making me old,
with half the winter still to go.
Maybe I’m afraid of love.
Maybe I’m afraid of pain.
Maybe I’m afraid too much.
Maybe I’m afraid that I won’t ever change.

Take me home.
Let up all my loneliness,
give my head a rest;
can’t you see I’m waiting?

Baby, please do believe I’m trying.
But it gets so hard to see to the stars
when you don’t know where they are.
Sometime I’m so sure I am failing.
Too tired to bite, too lonely tonight,
to make this come out right.
Maybe I’m afraid of love.
Maybe I’m afraid of you.
I know that I’m afraid too much.
But there’s nothing I can do.