Zox:Bridge Burning

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“Bridge Burning”
Artist: Zox
Albums: The Wait (2006)
Lyricists: Eli Miller

I am stopping by to tell you I’ll be leaving here for good.
To go back to where I came from like you always said I should.
And I would be a liar if I said that I was fine.
Since you opened up my head and lost some of my mind.

I’ve been a fool.
I’ve been full of you.
I’ve been lying here so long I don’t know who I’m lying to.
But I’m set on fire in spite of you.
And I will burn another bridge and hope the river burns up to.
When I’m gone, you’ll be gone too.

Our hands are stained the color of the sky above our heads with things we haven’t done and words we haven’t said.
Still the pain will come as some surprise.
When you burn a bridge the smoke gets in your eyes.

The ashes blow away.
Trailing sheets of rain all along the interstate and somewhere into space.
I’ve got no place for ashes anyway.