Zox:Anything But Fine

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“Anything But Fine”
Artist: Zox
Albums: The Wait (2006)
Lyricists: Eli Miller

If I could write you a song with all the right words,
would these black clouds begin to burn up the moment you heard?
If I could make you a map would you find your way home?
You know you can’t keep me alive and then leave me alone.

Tell me I’m yours.
Tell me you're mine.
Tell me I’m anything but fine.
Tell me a story.
Tell me the time.
Tell me a lie.

If I could make you a tape with all the right noise,
would you smile when you listen and sigh, "Boys will be boys"?
If I could paint you a picture, I’d turn black into white.
By now I’m not looking for love- I’m just looking for tonight.
Tell me what I want to hear and tomorrow I will disappear.
You won’t ever have to see me again.

You said that words can only get you so far.
But I’ve got sentences that cover up all my scars.
And in the end I might forget where they are.
Talk to me tonight.
If we started all over today,
I think we know that we’d end up in the same place.
Maybe you’re right and we’ve got nothing to say.
I want to hear it anyway.