Zox:A Little More Time

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“A Little More time”
Artist: Zox
Albums: The Wait (2006)
Lyricists: Eli Miller

Give me just a little more time
and maybe we will find the words that will change our minds.
Give me just a little more time.
Give me just a little more time,
cause I don’t want to leave the weight in this place behind.
Give me just a little more time.

Ghosts white in the moonlight.
The car breathes smoke in the middle of the night.
All tangled up in the telephone lines and dry eyes.
When you hold me close, pretend like you don’t want to let me go.
Take the long way home, soft as the radio.

My god how scarred we are.
To feel so little in somebody’s arms.
The smokestacks burn up the boulevard and we break apart,
it’s the easy part.
Kiss me once good night.
Your skin is glass in the dashboard light.
We make up our minds, two for the last time.

I have never been somebody to hold on to.