Zearle:Fly Away

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“Fly Away”
Artist: Zearle
Albums: Class War (1997-2001)

Fly away, fly away, fly away
Fly away, fly away, fly away

[Verse 1]
These people they have no substance
Love the trees ? the steeples take a tough stance
Hanging with the Earth people, we Ghost Dance
Prove our worth, last chance
Wake up from this hypnotic trance of high finance
You're lying as you glance over your shoulder
Driving through the Ghetto in your bullet-proof Rover
In the back, stuck by stiletto? Money lorded over
In a refugee camp, with three-hundred-thousand sleeping over
Time ain't nothing but shit getting older
We stab the eye of the beholderr
We grab the power back before the world gets any colder
Time women get a whack
They got to be better than these hacks
I'm walking off the beaten track
To make a plan of attack
I've been lower tracked
I'm a victim of this system
Disposable society,
Inhospitable reality
no nobility
What's the cause of our greed?
Feel pleased to succeed
Take heed, when you proceed, make your own decisions
Don't follow the stampede
Swallow their fallacies, you're playing petty bourgeoisie
How insane, CIA, imports cocaine cargo
While we still maintain, this bullshit Cuban Embargo, Uh

Fly away, fly away, fly away
Fly away, fly away, fly away

[Verse 2]
No discussion, to the point I'm rushing
American born, but my family's Russian
Like an L.A. cop from the rampart division, I'm busted
Another snitch climb to the top. You should never have been trusted
At work, I'm given the shaft
watching' everybody else count their motherfucking cash
Never learn to dream in the long term
I need it fast, whether bling or blast
I'm flashing on the past
Disaster for the upper class
It's splendid, how do you take all these lies and blend it up?
Into a big cup of we're fucked
You got us dependent
We're all living in hell
it's how you spend it
You play so hard, I can't tell what's real and what's pretended
Sport that bourgeois broad, but she's dented
As we rise, you descended into the rich
There's principalities up in this shit, bitch
No holler, forced to live with no dollars
No scream, pray to god and have no means
Yeah, okay man, I'm a make it off this chain
Leave way more than my mark, I wanna stain
I better have my ticket for the fucking train
Fuck dames and fame, I'm a maker of rain
A prophecy that then came, out of the ashes of the flame
I'm shouting, hold fast and maintain
While you hold fast and get drained
My expression is pain, my expression is pain

Fly away, fly away, fly away
Fly away, fly away, fly away
Fly away, fly away, fly away

[Verse 3]
No more poverty or sorrow
We cry away, we cry away
Our bills we die to pay, we die to pay
Sanity's slipping away, slipping away
All work no play. Down for the struggle like Che
I speak the words that you're afraid to say
We can still cope with this
The situation is not hopeless
Raise your voice and your fists
Guerrillas in the midst
No more handcuffs on my wrists
Fighting so hard, some people switch
The hunt is on, the truth has been construed
Our leaders have been subdued, unglued
As they feed us this genetically enhanced food
Like our ancestors with bodies are pierced and tattooed
Being under arrest ain't gonna save the rain forest
Ancient lands to us, to them fossil fuel treasure chests
We're unwelcome guests, stirring up the hornets’ nest
Creatures of the sea, no oil, free place to flee
Free, free, free.