Zearle:Carrying Bricks

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Carrying Bricks
Artist: Zearle
Albums: Class War

Health or wealth motherfucker
You fighting for else or self?
I write for dreams, fuck cream
Fill a empty shelf, tempt me your sorted

[Verse 1]
Crush this regime of hoarded wealth
Mix like Neapolitan ice cream
Learn to love the people and not just yourself
What is the culture of poverty?
What's up with these vultures robbing me?
I'll jump at the first chance to destroy these Monopolies
I'm no punk, I won't dance as a toy to appease
These parasitic fleas
I'm a bring this system right to it's fucking knees
I'm giving rhythm to Socialism see?
I'm driven to help the people, can't you understand G?
Whether you're with them or your with me
I'm a walk that walk, I'm a talk that talk
We can stand arm and arm and fight the cops
If I'm right, then you've lost

"Who are you carrying all those bricks for? God?"

[Verse 2]
Trapped like slaves, we're monkeys in a cage
As we reach this final stage in the maze
Words are mere oral phases and catchphrases
zero blazes, who ever snatch hate or praises?
I'm blowing ???
I'm showing up these racists
I be around when you come around
I got patience
Like the rarest thousand-year monsoon
I'm a recreate the Paris commune
inebriate under the full moon
To the plague, we've been born immune
A battle to win, or a drunken dream off Gin
Am I pumping cool eighteen again?
Mama didn't raise no fool-man
Since when did stupid become cool again?
Here come the real dog days
I feel some bad deals are coming way
Retarded rat, in circles, you're running
Acid rain, the sky is falling,
Yeah it's time to pay
No use in fighting!