Wake Up Call:Guidance

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Artist: Dark Morning
Albums: Wake Up Call (2006)

The eyes close, the heart beats
The unknown lies before his feet
The future is screaming
He dives deep within
Are his answers here
Cause it's so unclear

If he knew reasons why
He just might find some peace inside
All his truth, broken vows
And he needs some guidance now

The eyes close, the tears fall
Still she can't erase it all
Mistakes she can't hide
She crawls back inside
Regrets weigh her mind
But she can't go back this time

If her past she could rewrite
She might not need these tears tonight
Consequence speaks so loud
And she needs some guidance now

If I had just one clue
I might not be as lost as you
Life goes on and we survive somehow
But we all could use some guidance now