Vast:Tattoo of Her Name

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“Tattoo of Her Name”
Artist: Vast
Albums: April (2006)

She told me he was beating her today
And she showed me all the bruises on her face
I said, baby, can I make it all OK
She said, honey, you should make him go away

There's a hundred thousand dollars in the bank
And the policy he took out yesterday
We can live outside the country for awhile
Until things smooth over and get under control

There's a tattoo of your name across my soul

I bought a rifle and black guns without a name
For an alibi she went six states away
When I saw him I felt fire I felt cold
Like the devil and the lord wanted my soul

Like the tattoo of your name across my soul

So I shot him in his car until he died
I called to give the signal and she cried
Life has a way of making other plans
She called the cops and said I was a crazy man

I'm gonna get this thing removed when I can

There was never any policy
And the bruises came from falling on the street
So the judge gave me one hundred thousand years
In the courtroom she was filling up with tears

I saw her hold the lawyer's hand real tight
They looked tired from lack of sleep last night
Seems the whole time she had me under control

With a tattoo of her name across my soul

She gets off and I will never have parole

Just this tattoo of your name across my soul
Just this tattoo of your name across my soul