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Please read the help area, regarding uploading album art. [[Image:Up1998.jpg]] should be uploaded to File:AlbumArt-R.E.M.-Up (1998).jpg --ahoier 15:58, 3 November 2006 (PST)

Oops.. Terribly sorry.. Won't happen again.

Excuse me for being repetitive but Image-AlbumArt-R.E.M.-Fables of the Reconstruction (1985).jpg should have been uploaded to AlbumArt-R.E.M.-Fables of the Reconstruction (1985).jpg (note the missing "Image-").
The "Image" part is added when placing a link to the image so, say you want to make a link to AlbumArt-R.E.M.-Fables of the Reconstruction (1985).jpg, you would have to write [[Image:AlbumArt-R.E.M.-Fables of the Reconstruction (1985).jpg]]. --Attendant 07:47, 5 November 2006 (PST)

Thank you so much for clearing that up.. I'm kinda new here but I'm a quick learner.. I got the whole deal now and sorry again for causing trobules.