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I'm just a humble Amarok user who saw the lyriki script on and decided to give it a try. I had submitted a decent amount of material to before I found lyriki, and I was most disgusted by the hit-or-miss nature of the submissions. With Lyriki, I always know that my submissions will be accepted and that I can edit away any stupid mistakes (such as posting the right lyrics for the wrong song).

I can usually be found hanging out (or just lurking) in #amarok on Also, if you're an IRC junkie (or simply want real-time conversation with other Lyriki users) don't hesitate to hop into Lyriki's own IRC channel

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Lyriki group on


Y'know, it's getting to a point where keeping track of my contributions here is too much work for me to be bothered to do (and it also seems a tad tacky in some way). Check my contributions page if you really must know.

That said, I'm currently working on getting all of Petra's songs up and correct. 33 years worth of music makes for a lot of red links. I guess I have my work cut out for me...


  • Helium Vola DONE! (the two albums, at least, but I don't have access to lyrics for the singles/EP's
    • need to borrow Helium Vola (2001)Liod (2004) from my brother and type up the lyrics
    • Original only? Original and English? Original, modern German, and English?
      • Decided on just the original.
  • Petra, lots of Petra
    • On Fire! (1988) is the current subproject
    • add PRMW links to album pages?
      • The Lyriki lyrics are likely to be more accurate (ie. linear and very easy to correct) and will eventually be just as complete.
      • Some of Lyriki's Petra lyrics might come from PRMW, but only indirectly from other sites, and those get cleaned up anyway. (I do sometimes type the lyrics up myself from liner notes and then clean those up).
      • He does have the little mini-reviews of each album.