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Tiamat is a Swedish band that initially played black/death metal, then moved to progressive/doom metal and then settled on gothic rock/metal. The band was founded in 1987 under the name Treblinka, it was changed to Tiamat in 1989. Tiamat's lyrical themes were originally about Sumerian mythology and poetry; now mostly about love, drugs and religion.



Demos, singles & EPs



  • Johan Edlund: vocals, guitar, keyboards, theremin
  • Anders Iwers: bass
  • Lars Sköld: drums
  • Thomas Wyreson: guitar

Past members:

  • P.A. Danielsson (?-?): keyboards
  • Niklas Ekstrand (1990-1994): drums
  • Johnny Hagel (1992-1996): bass
  • Andreas Holmberg (1988-1990): drums
  • Stefan Lagergren (1988-1990): guitars
  • Thomas Petersson (?-?): guitars
  • Kenneth Roos (1992-1994): keyboards
  • Magnus Sahlgren (?-?): guitars
  • Jörgen Thullberg (1988-1992): bass
  • Fredrik Åkesson (?-?): guitars

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