ThouShaltNot:Walk Away

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“Walk Away”
Artist: ThouShaltNot
Albums: Land Dispute (2006)

The hurricane that blew last night
Worked wonders
The house is torn, the line is cut; now we see with real eyes
And talk with words that matter and I am not your shelter
As the wind ripped everything, I finally felt my lungs expanding

Walk away from the before and into now
Walk away out of the old skin when the old skin's drowned beneath the clouds
Walk away when all the world has blown apart
Walk away into the wet grass when the end is making new the start

Are you the same after the rain? Are you stripped too?
Or is the air overcome by the thought of breathing and perceiving?
Is there a way to make a storm from nothing?
We'd break apart the gallery
And with the sky all drained, you'd stare for miles

I'm lying out in the rain
I’ll wait for the hurricane
To wash over me, ecstatic and free
To help me to see what I have chosen