The Madness:Be Good Boy

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“Be Good Boy”
Artist: The Madness
Albums: The Madness (1988)
Composers: Thompson/Foreman
Lyricists: Lee Thompson

Sitting by the fire
It seems only yesterday
Look how you've grown
Now the time has come for me to say

You can do whatever you feel
I guess I'm right, whenever you feel

Don't forget to brush your teeth
Or comb your hair, there's people out there to meet
Careful when you smile when you walk in the room
A smile's worthless unless you mean it to

You can take whatever you need
You can leave whenever need be

Be good boy
Don't fall, mother knows best
Be good boy
And choose, mother knows best

Take a look at what you're going to do
Ooh, think boy, don't be led, take the lead, boy
I don't want to have to tell you again
Don't let me down, ooh, my good humoured man

You can have whatever you want
Maybe I'm wrong, whenever you want

Be good boy
Don't fret, mother knows best
Be good boy
Don't cry, mother knows best

Beholder of disguise (be good boy)
So choose, mother knows best
Better be on your best behaviour (be good boy)
Come visiting day (come visiting day)