The Faint:How Could I Forget

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“How Could I Forget”
Artist: The Faint
Albums: Wet From Birth (2004)

Introverted boy
You are not interesting boy.
You think you're intellectual
But no one's talking to you now.

I might be an introvert to you
the shallow fashionista
Deep as any paper plate,
Dressed just like the girl beside you.

How could I forget a waste of cloth?
Of course I do remember;
On the back deck drunk and awkward
I think we accidentally met.

I know you've got some place to get to
And I've really gotta get somewhere.
Remember when I said that Vincent
Had some tickets for me there?

How could I forget a waste of breath?
Of course, I do remember.
All the things you said were pointless;
Now you go on dropping names.

mmm... but I kind of dig you.