Suggs:She's Gone

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“She's Gone”
Artist: Suggs
Albums: The Lone Ranger (1995)

When she left, I said take everything, everything that's yours
And in the space of only half an hour, the entire room was bare
Even the flowers from the flower box (are not there)
But I could live with no regrets, alone

In this empty room
I wouldn't ask for anything
Or take back what you took
If I could only take back everything I said

I remember everything the way she looked at me
The things I couldn't say, my feelings so unclear, the empty silence here
The sun was shining bright, the day she went away
Now she's gone

It's been a year and seven weeks since she went away
Even though I haven't seen her since
It could still be yesterday
Even though I haven't seen her since she went away

Now she's gone
And it's too late to say the words
I meant to
Now she's gone
And I will never have the chance
To tell her
To change her mind
Now she's gone