Suburban Kids With Biblical Names:Rent a Wreck

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“Rent a Wreck”
Artist: Suburban Kids With Biblical Names
Albums: No.3 (2005)

All these rocky mountains
To play five songs and drink some more and fall asleep
Getting taped by locals
Don't have the nerve to ask for food and die of thirst
In the backseats of rented wrecks
Let's hope these wheels got what it takes to carry us home

Backdrops made of denim
T-shirts salesmen, and the followers it brings
Single package systems
Soul VJs said you know the riot that that brings
I wanna turn all your dance floors
Into a burning inferno of ba-ba

I play the piano
And I play the guitar
I've played it on clubs
And I've played it in bars
I visit your cities
And I've slept on your floors
I borrowed your swings
And I've heard your hardcore
All the scores of the C
To the A of the youth of today
And it's beautiful

Still, I can't get enough of it
Did you see me eating Frosteds from the fridge

And the rice cookies you never ate
Were all gone when you went into the kitchen