Songs: Ohia:Dogwood Gap

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“Dogwood Gap”
Artist: Songs: Ohia
Albums: Songs: Ohia (1997)

how goes it soldier,
i'm too young to muster
though i know brown bonnet
who sweats like a soldier
when her boots come riding
on those nights that seem like the devil is riding
my halo for sabers over his shoulder
and he brings to me the rope and saw
one put to hang in, put one to save in

and how goes it sailor, i'm unwell for sailing
though i know the captain's bride
cause she comes to me and
she's handsome and wild as a hawk

and how goes it sister i do hate be botherin'
though i know you hate the fiends
they come to you and they're bearin' friendship
no lies could more have been
you come to me and
you're handsome, you're wild as a hawk