Single Minded Pros ft. Mr Lif:This Is a Test

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“This Is a Test”
Artist: Single Minded Pros feat. Mr Lif

this is just a test yes i'm just testing
to see if i can open your minds i'm suggesting
things that they teachin in schools need to be questioned
surely we willl all feel the wrath of our inventions
look for an alternative lifestyle
societal livin is quite wild not serene or mild
funny how there seems to be no route of escape
concrete is outnumbered by landscapes
white walk and take a step from the tar to pasture
look back and all my peers labeled me a bastard
i tried to hide livin in the ways of a tribe
but they said i wouldn't be safe outside
they said you really wanna leave huh
they put a hole in my femur then laughed at their leisure
i cried what can i do to please ya
they said consume or die so i chose neither
so now they got me on the run
along with chuck flav x griffin the s-one
i'm about to let em know my thoughts weight megatons
the end of the story soon come

this is a test four years into my quest
to see if i can manifest data i ingest
the physical needs rest i'm never caught sleepin
my mind remains live and thoughts keep leapin
jump out of my sleep and rub my eyes
caught a piece of the sunrise power from the skies
my hotel window displays avenues and alleyways
of those who have lost their ways
the streets are paved with razorblades
notice the prints from bloody steps of vets and cadets
and infants who have never even touched the ground yet
cuddled in the arms of those with steel through their palms
crucified livin their life through lies
with a diploma so they claimin they wise
and who am i
a question lurkin in the back of our minds
but can only be defined through time
and few practice patience
so to most of us most of these things won't make sense
unless it's dollars and cents which gives rise to new elements
weapons for the killing and the churches to repent
but i am not a judge these are words from the sludge
courtesy of shanks television and scuds
super lovin c and casanova rudd
the wind the earth enough course to blood