Silverstein:The Weak And The Wounded

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“The Weak And The Wounded”
Artist: Silverstein
Albums: When Broken Is Easily Fixed (2003)

The end begins
I can’t escape
As it pulls me
Further into
Tear down my sense
Of conviction
Corrupt my soul
The end begins.

(In my eyes, In my heart)

I, have laid upon a deadman's bed,
Only to fall into a trap of lies and seduction,
That rivals the greatest sense of love.

I have given up an angel's kiss,
Only to break apart your path of trust,
And burn myself down.
Struggle to the end; I scare myself.

Play it back until the voice becomes just a sound,
Plenishing your mind with all these images of you.

I'd give it all to have it back.
I could, have had it all
In front of you, all by myself.
Love in my eyes, lust in my heart, I made it all up.
Lies, deceit empowers me,
So it ends, ends.