Silverstein:Smile In Your Sleep

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“Smile In Your Sleep”
Artist: Silverstein
Albums: Discovering The Waterfront (2005)

When I'm lying in your bed play the motions through my head
You know that I'm thinking, I'm thinking...
And I have reasons to believe that I'm not the only
One you spend this time with, but I'll stay...

You say... you're awake
You wont let me down [x2]
You lie through your teeth
You smile in your sleep [x2]

When we met you said we were the same, you know
That we're different, we're different
And all the times you promised me that everything would
Work out in the end, you were gravely mistaken


You lie [x4], you lie through your teeth
You wont let me down, you lie
I deserve better than this

I dream of steel, Maroon and White, your end(x4), you gasp for air, I'll see this through, I'll see through you, your pale(x4), your pale blue eyes

When you're lying in your bed, the eulogy's been read
You know that it's fitting, you lie


You smile [x4] I deserve better than this