Scaterd Few:Space Junk

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“Space Junk”
Artist: Scaterd Few
Albums: Grandmother's Spaceship (1998)
Composers: Allan Aguirre
Lyricists: Allan Aguirre

Allow me to introduce my point of view
As we slip another Meg to clone a hyperlink
Bouncing millimeter waves from head to toe
I will show you scans from one of my future neuro-sunc's

Everyday and where is filled with space junk
Some of us would call it static noise
Surly Major Tom is now an info monk
Making it possible for us to have all these new toys

Anyone today can make a low-earth flight
We offer burials into the great beyond
Maybe by sifting through these microwaves
That fall from outer space we will find
Some new friends with which to correspond

Have you placed a sample on a nanogen chip
Maybe heard a song or two or three from hub
All of these are evidence of space junk
So, climb aboard and welcome to the club

How can you believe in a God that would let small children suffer
How can you believe in a God that would let small children die
How can you believe in a God that would kill his own son
I'll tell you how...

I see you see me with your electric eyes
Designed to penetrate my delicate mind
The cyber age has spawned cerebral lines
Filled with databases info and lies

Once connected is it harder to see
The pure simplicity of you and me
Are waves and micros redefining the free
When cyber-space defines your reality

Get out of my mind...