Scaterd Few:Lullaby

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Artist: Scaterd Few
Albums: Grandmother's Spaceship (1998)
Composers: Allan Aguirre, Russell Archer
Lyricists: Allan Aguirre, Russell Archer

Rise where others lie
Before death is realized and
Sleepers dormant cries
Await to materialize

You can cover me
Cover that sets me free
Freedom that lights my eyes
Eyes that I may see

Break down all the walls
Where darker kingdom calls
And shadows fill the air
With martyr memories glare

You can love on me
Loving that made you bleed
Blood that lights my eyes
Eyes like laser beams

Wake up sleeper
Wake up creature

Dreaming with a leprous skin
Symmetry is hazy within
Puffy pillow holding me tight

Awaken sleeper
And the light will shine on you
Awaken sleeper
And the light will make you true