Robbie Williams:Intensive Care (2005)

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Intensive Care

Artist: Robbie Williams
Released: 21 October 2005

  1. Ghosts (3:42)
  2. Tripping (4:36)
  3. Make Me Pure (4:33)
  4. Spread Your Wings (3:50)
  5. Advertising Space (4:37)
  6. Please Don`t Die (4:47)
  7. Your Gay Friend (3:21)
  8. Sin Sin Sin (4:09)
  9. Random Acts Of Kindness (4:15)
  10. The Trouble With Me (4:20)
  11. A Place To Crash (4:34)
  12. King Of Bloke And Bird (6:13)
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‘Intensive Care’ was recorded in Robbie Williams’ bedroom high in the Hollywood Hills and co-written with Stephen Duffy over the course of 24 months. In this time, the pair were wildly experimental, creating songs that sounded, variously, like Gang Of Four, Bloc Party and Kraftwerk, before finally settling on a style that they felt most comfortable with. DVD Contents: 20 mins of ‘making of’ style EPK footage Tripping (Music Video) Make Me (Music videos) Exclusive photo gallery.

As has stated many times whenever he has released an album, Robbie Williams again claimed that this latest album, Intensive Care, is the best out of all his works. Although many album reviews marks that this album is not breaking-through, Intensive Care has been topping charts worldwide.