Renaissance:Scheherazade and Other Stories (1975)

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Scheherazade and Other Stories

Artist: Renaissance
Released: July 1975

Side 1

  1. Trip to the Fair (10:56)
  2. The Vultures Fly High (3:10)
  3. Ocean Gypsy (7:11)

Side 2

  1. Song of Scheherazade (24:43)
    i. Fanfare (instrumental) (0:38)
    ii. The Betrayal (instrumental) (2:05)
    iii. The Sultan (4:45)
    iv. Love Theme (instrumental) (2:42)
    v. The Young Prince and Princess as told by Scheherazade (2:29)
    vi. Festival Preparations (instrumental) (5:11)
    vii. Fugue for the Sultan (instrumental) (2:10)
    viii. The Festival (2:10)
    ix. Finale (2:29)
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