Pain of Salvation:Undertow

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Artist: Pain of Salvation
Albums: Remedy Lane (2002)
12:5 (2004)

Let me go.
Let me go.
Let me seek the answers that I need to know.
Let me find a way.
Let me walk away
Through the Undertow.
Please let me go.

Let me fly.
Let me fly.
Let me rise against that blood-red velvet sky.
Let me chase it all,
Break my wings and fall,
Probably survive.
So let me fly.
Let me fly.

Let me run.
Let me run.
Let me ride the crest of chance into the sun.
You were always there
But you may lose me here,
Now love me if you dare
And let me run.

I'm alive and I am true to my heart now
I am I, but why must truth always make me die?

Let me break,
Let me bleed.
Let me tear myself apart;
I need to breathe
Let me lose my way,
Let me walk astray,
Maybe to proceed
Just let me bleed.

Let me drain,
Let me die.
Let me break the things I love;
I need to cry.
Let me burn it all,
Let me take my fall
Through the cleansing fire.
Now let me die.
Let me die.

Let me out...
Let me fade into that pitch black velvet night.