My Dying Bride:L'Amour Detruit

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“L'Amour Detruit”
Artist: My Dying Bride
Albums: A Line Of Deathless Kings (2006)

The honey of romance, so
Sweet for us
Through swaying grass we
Run in arms, just us
The honey of romance, our
Treat to us
These arms I fold around you
It's just us

Your charms so rare
My flesh laid bare
In arms we dare

I will kiss her mouth and her
Dark eyes
Lose myself freely in her dark
Fall right through her soul
Her mind, her skies

Our limbs entwined
Then comes our minds
It's hope we find

The red lips of her mouth
They call to me

Her mind is mine
Her flesh my kind
Warm, soft, smooth, mine!

I lack for naught
Her mind welcomes my

Entering the dark, so close
We drift away to nothing
And no-one will find

Within our arms we sleep
I pull her close to me, near me
Into me