Motörhead:Tales Of Glory

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“Tales of Glory”
Artist: Motörhead
Albums: Born To Lose, Live To Win: The Bronze Singles 1978-1983 (Disc 10: I Got Mine) ()

I can't believe the tales you tell me
I ain't buying the stuff you sell me
Hey baby, I'm telling you what
You think I'm sold but maybe I'm not
You tell me, Tales Of Glory
But I know, whoa babe it's the same old story
You think I'm gonna fall for you
You reckon that I'm going right through
But I ain't no adolescent
I'm just onna keep you guessing
You ain't gonna stitch me up
You'll find that I'm real bad luck
I'm gonna leave you babe
But think of the money you'll save
You tell me, Tales Of Glory
But I know whoa babe it's the same old story

Leave me out, leave me out
Sick and tired without a doubt
Get me out, get me out
Get me out of here
Endlessly, endlessly
Your mouth won't set me free
Endlessly, endlessly
Rabbit in my ear