Megadeth:I Ain't Superstitious

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“I Ain't Superstitious”
Artist: Megadeth
Albums: Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? (2004)

I ain't superstitious
When a black cat crosses my path
And I ain't superstitious
As I break the looking glass
Ain't afraid of no demons
Don't make me laugh!
I ain't superstitious
Under the ladder I go
And I ain't superstitious
It's all bullshit, don't you know!
I ain't afraid of no shadows
I like the dark anyway
And that's a fact! Ha!

Superstitious, superstitious

And I ain't superstitious
No such thing as bad luck
And I ain't superstitious
I couldn't really give a fuck
Take your stupid superstitions
Find some other paranoidal
Chickenshit, sissy, worm, and tell it to him

Superstitious, superstitious

I ain't superstitious

And that's a fact, one more time
Come on, shut your mouth
Listen up, hey it's my turn