Matt Westwood:Jack Straw

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“Jack Straw”
Artist: Matt Westwood
Albums: Matt's Magnificent Music (& Poems) (2000)
Do Not Wash (2001)

All right, who wants political?
That's what you're getting anyway

Jack Straw, Jack Straw, what a tedious bore
He's stealing all our rights
Inventing ways to ruin our days
And kill our sleep at night

Our rights to silence are abolished
Dignity is being demolished
If you keep your big mouth shut
Your innocence has just gone phut
The keepers of the law decide
Who's free to go and who's inside
Refusal to communicate
Effectively seals off your fate

That's the first point

So you think you're out and free
Remember double indemnity?
When you'd been judged as innocent
You thought you knew just what that meant
They couldn't send you back to court
On the same charge that you just fought
But now they call you back at will
And who's the one who pays the bill?

That's point two

Many many years ago
The king was freedom's mortal foe
But then the law was changed to give
The common folk more chance to live
If they couldn't prove your guilt
You're innocent right to the hilt
But not no more, we're back in time
No need to prove you done the crime

That's point three

Incite us all to further fury
Take away our right to jury
Some old bugger in a wig
Which rhymes quite nicely with fat pig
Decides your fate with no recourse
To justice, freedom or remorse
And if he's in a filthy mood
He'll throw away the key for good

That's point four

If you're black, or worse, you're queer
You'll be living in mortal fear
Nobody is free so more, free no more
Your rights have all flown out the door
Judge without jury, magistrate
Consigns us to our penal fate
All of us in the in the same boat
Don't look at me, I didn't vote

Right, one more