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“Somebody, Someone”
Artist: Korn
Albums: Greatest Hits, Volume 1 (2004)

I can't stand to let you win
I'm just watching you
And I don't know what to do
Feeling like a fool inside
Feeling all the hurt you hide
Thought you were my friend
Seems it never ends
I need somebody someone
Can't somebody help me
All I need is to be
Loved just for me

Giving you this and that
Giving gave nothing back
It's all related to
All the things I do
Feeling like a fool inside
Seeing all the things you tried
I am nothing

I look I sign
I need someone
Inside to help me out
With what I'm trying
I'm crying, I'm frying
In a pile of shit
I'm dying
I'm dying
I'm dying

I need somebody (someone)
Somebody (somebody)

I need somebody (someone)
Somebody (somebody)