John Frusciante:The Battle of Time

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“The Battle of Time”
Artist: John Frusciante
Albums: From the Sounds Inside (2001)
Composers: John Frusciante
Lyricists: John Frusciante

Seems to be away is peachy now
Cuz I really fall at all
I've got these roses in my hand
I've better lost them all
You've got a mouth that's bigger
I've got a man on the side
You'll see my lie

You've got a town to speak to
You've got rented dye
I've got it around somewhere
Before I was alive
I was alive, not mean what should I do
You've got a mountain beneath you
You'll always know your crime

I'm on the way, selfer size
All the times of hate
All around, this is here

You've got a running see, saw (see inside)
That's what I hide (the long time)
I have always felt fine (I know, I have)
I've nothing no one nowhere