John Frusciante:So Would Have I

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“So Would Have I”
Artist: John Frusciante
Albums: From the Sounds Inside (2001)
Composers: John Frusciante
Lyricists: John Frusciante

Well maybe we do want outta here
So would've I
I collapse, it's time that breaks up
Runs out

Take your face to the god
No one works so hard
To keep you out

Play your hand
Before it's your turn to fade out

Make her into a fan of him
He would die
Just to take fate somewhere it could have been
Had it been otherwise

Trading the far for the near
Stand your bodies clear
I want you to work to stay up
Some love fakes you
And stop where we slay to go on
It's not always the moon
Say it for show
We show you
We say it for show
We show out