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Help! Though it is quite easy to change already existing texts, I still fail to find the very point from which I have to start when I want to fill in the complete songtext of a song which does not yet exist within Though I found the template within the instructions and I found a possibility how to upload pictures I didn't find this function though it is probably the most important function on these sites. If I overwrite the template offered within the instructions and fill in the songtext there than the instructions themselves would be overwritten - and on the site with the songtexts it is the same problem: I do not want to overwrite an old songtext but to create a completely new page - so there must be another possibility, a point where to start from. But I failed to find this point. Can anyone help me? It must be some point from which I can start and simple create a new file by using a template and then put there the songtext in. But where can I find this point?

To create a song page just put in the browser location: (see Help:Standards for more info on the subject). --Attendant 19:05, 31 May 2008 (UTC)
Thank you very much, Attendant! I managed to do so! :-)