Gamma Ray:Afterlife

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Artist: Gamma Ray
Albums: Land of the Free (1995)
Lyricists: Hansen

Do you believe in the afterworld
Or the afterlife?
Do you agree there's a place for us
Beyond our life
Where the timless call for life
Is lost and you will see
The forgotten dreams
That you once had become reality
They will be set free - another day
You cannot leave if you do not want to stay
In the afterlife - in the afterlife
Life's a dream that you will forget
In the endless space
And the scars you got on planet Earth
Will be erased
You were blind until your eyes
Have stopped to see
And your powers unfold by the moment
You hit eternity
You will be set free
But you'll never return
That's the price you have to pay
In the afterlife - in the afterlife
Solo: Kai
Now you're gone without a word
You didn't say goodbye
I miss you here where are you now
An angel in the sky?
Your visit here has been so short
You left to be set free
But I believe we'll meet again
And together we will stay
In the afterlife - in the afterlife
In the afterlife - in the afterlife
(Dedicated to Ingo Schwichtenberg)