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Duct Tape Mustache (Utilizing the spelling of "Mustache" rather than the proper spelling of "Moustache") was an un-labelled experimental band from Lansing, Illinois, fronted by vocalist and keyboardist Tim Swanson. Other members included Travis Trainor (Bass), Mitch Hein (Guitar), Jack Thomas (Saxophone), Matt Hynek (Drums) as well as former member Pasta J (Guitar).

The band formed in late 2001, recording two self-produced albums before announcing their breakup via MySpace on July 01, 2005, citing "We are no longer a band, due to not wanting to be a band anymore."

Duct Tape Mustache's sound encompassed a variety of genres, most prominently ska, metal, and jazz, claiming influence from other experimental acts such as Mr. Bungle, Primus, and Dog Fashion Disco. The band sported a vocal as well as musical style comparable to Tub Ring, often incorporating explosive, jarring guitar riffs and focusing on continually-shifting sound throughout specific tracks. The band's genre is listed as "circus metal" on their garageband.com profile.

In 2006, foreman Tim Swanson created a musical project by the name of Ideamen. Later in the year, Swanson took time off from this new project to join the line-up of Dog Fashion Disco, replacing Jeff Siegel as the band's keyboardist. Swanson ultimately parted ways with Dog Fashion Disco some time before their final show in January of 2007, and returned to Ideamen to launch the new band's first album.


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