Delta V:Shine on Gold

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“Shine on Gold”
Artist: Delta V
Albums: Monaco '74 ()

Nothing else could be so confused
As they sneak through barbed wires
In this mine-field reality
Nothing else
Everything seems to move too fast
Seems they're moving backwards
In the cold air they breathe
Hang on
They're coming straight in here
Move on son
Or disappear
Dream on
You'll get your place to be
Shine on gold
You're glittering
Screen-wide smiles and outrageous thrills
Will they kill the mainman at the end of the movie?
Hang on
They're heading straight to you
Hold on son
Till they get through
Dream on and guess what you will be
Shine on gold
Don't disappear
Fast cars won't drive you back
Don't even think of that
I'd stay and try to work it out
Cocktails and cadillacs
Seems I'm not fit for that
I'd try again this time