De La Soul:Intro (3ft High)

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Artist: De La Soul
Albums: 3 Feet High and Rising (1989)

Al Watts: Hey all you kids out there! Welcome to Three
Feet High and Rising. Now, here's what we do. The following
Contestants... how are you doing, contestants?

Contestants: (General babble, inc. 'Okay', 'Alright', 'Yo Mama')

Al Watts: So fellas, tell us a little bit about yourselves
Contestant number one!

Contestant #1 (Dove): How ya doin', Al. Just came all the way
Down from Wichitaw just to be on this show. You know it's
Gonna be swell and I'm gonna win all the money. Gonna win all
The money. See ya

Al Watts: Okay, contestant number 2

Contestant #2 (Mase): Excuse me, um, my name is, um, P. A. Mase
I'm from Australia, and I'm just glad to be here

Al Watts: Okay, contestant number 3

Contestant #3 (Pos): Hello, my name us, uh, Plug One, and uh
Let me tell you a little bit about myslef, I like Twizzlers
And I like the Alligator Bob, and my favorite movie
Is um, Bloodsucking Freaks, just like your mama

Al Watts: Okay, contestant number 4

Contestant #4 (Prince Paul): Hello, my name is Prince Paul
And I'm just... glad to be on the show. Thank you

Al Watts: Now that we've met the contestants, let's get to
The game! I'm going to ask an amount of four questions, and
The contestants will try to answer them correctly. Now, you
Out there in the audience can answer along with them
How many feathers are on a Purdue chicken?
How many fibres are intertwined in a Shredded Wheat biscuit?
What does Touche et Lele Pu mean?
How many times did the Batmobile catch a flat?
Now that we know the questions, we'll let the contestants
Think them over, and we'll return right after these messages