Cypress Hill:Stoned Raiders

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“Stoned Raiders”
Artist: Cypress Hill
Albums: III (Temples of Boom) (1995)

[From The Exorcist]
"Guilty... before almighty god. Guilty... before his son. Guilty, before
the whole human race. It's the lord who expels you... he who is coming to
judge you... of the living and the dead. God himself who commends you..."

1 for trouble
8 for the road
7 to get ready when I'm lettin' off all my load

Buddha monk
In the trunk
I got ya thumpin' so hard
Up and down the boulevard
I'm a natural born cap peela
Strap illa
On the west coast settin' it off, no one's reala
Get ya fix of the uncut
A small dose of the skunk
Like it's supposed to be
Move it out
Just move it on out
What ya talkin' 'bout
Son I took the first shot
And it's all over now
One nation Buddha groove
Smoke a pound for the sake of it
Every time I make a move
Smooth and togetha
Raw like leatha
Ain't goin' out like a punk neva

Check it out: one two
Cypress crew

Check it out: one two
Cypress crew

It's the numba one money maka
Money take a
Few steps back, I'm on a plane to Jamaica (Hey mon)
Puffin' on a fat wada, tough shit
For the fool takin' a vow, I got the rough shit
Hard rock
Bone breaka
Stoned Raider in the Temple of Boom
It's safe to assume
Led 'll be lettin' shit slidin' away
Bitch niggas can hide
But I'll find they ass some day

Check it out: one two
Cypress crew
So what you wanna do

Wherever you are
Put ya muthafuckin' spliff in the air
Sound off like you got a care
When I kick to the metro
Lone clip
Be lookin' around, 'cause this shit
Ain't over wit' yet
People can't understand my situation
Now they're caught up in a Soul Assassination
Fool just take cover
It's all over
When I break ya off a chunk o' this mothafucka

Check it out: one two
Cypress crew
What you wanna do
Come on

Check it out: one two
Cypress crew
What you wanna do
Come on
"Yeah you mothafucka, check this shit out. All us crazy-ass niggas. That's
our crew: Cypress. Nick Shea, Reg Dog, Skunk Man, Cap'n, that nigga Mark,
Rick Red, Sen-Dog. Check this out: Pete Young, that big nigga C.C.
There's more niggas: Big O.G. got crazy with a school-boy, Ralph M., that
nigga Pete Mark..."