Bel Canto:Hearts Unite

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“Hearts Unite”
Artist: Bel Canto
Albums: Rush (1998)

You rule my dreams.
You rule my world.
You rule my every thought.
But for a lifetime's savings I still can not buy your love.
I just want everything.
I just want everyone to see me happy and safe in your arms.
Instead I guess I have to wait.
Guess I have to wait until our hearts unite, until you redecide.
I'll live my life, I'll do my best.
The very best I can.
And no one has the right to tell me where on how or when.
Be my delight tonight.
Step out into the light.
Don't make me wander about in distress.
Tonight is the night when the stars are gonna give you my caress.
They'll make our hearts unite.
They'll make you redecide.
That's when you hearts unite.
That's when we syncronize.
Until our hearts unite, until you redecide.
Until out heats unite, ooh, until we syncronize.