Atomic Opera:Spirit Of The Age

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“Spirit Of The Age”
Artist: Atomic Opera
Albums: Penguin Dust (1997)

Everybody knows you can have sex with anyone (that you love)
Everybody knows you should only love someone who cares (for you)
Everybody knows you should only care about your own (your life)
Everybody knows that your life is the measure of your time (but, you try)
I can't hear you anymore
I just can't take this anymore
I won't listen anymore
I just can't hear you anymore
Everybody knows you should believe in yourself for the truth (everybody lies)
Everybody knows that the truth is alive inside you (everybody lies)
Everybody speaks. Everybody sees. Everybody sleeps. Everybody dreams.
And it's true again... We've all been listening to the wind.
(How many roads must a man go down before ...)

"Most of the things that everybody knows ...are not true."