Atomic Opera:Muse

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Artist: Atomic Opera
Albums: Gospel Cola (2000)
Composers: Frank Hart & John Simmons
Lyricists: Frank Hart

There are too many painters
And not enough beauty
Too many hours
And not enough time
Too many singers
And not enough music
Too many reasons
And not enough rhyme

Will you meet me here in the light?
Will you fill my heart with your life?
Will you inspire?

There are too many drummers
And not enough rhythm
Too many dancers
And not enough life
Too many poets
And not enough answers
Too many questions and too many lies
Too many cameras
And not enough vision
Far too many lovers
Who never were friends
Too many directions
to too many places
Too many beginnings
and very few ends

"Let's all do our part to stop the senseless killing of the Artist within by the Evangelist without."
- Bumper sticker seen on a dumpster behind a Christian Coffee House