Atomic Opera:God Of Hate

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“God Of Hate”
Artist: Atomic Opera
Albums: Penguin Dust (1997)

I do hate evil
And I do hate sin
I do hate divorce
And I hate this state we're living in
I do hate rebellion
And I do hate greed
I do hate most religious men
And I hate this hating hateful killing
I Am the God of Hate
And my hate is a Holy Flame
I Am the God of Hate
And my hate is a perfect thing
I do hate Esau
And I do hate death
I do hate violence
And I hate your whining, waisted breath
I do hate the darkness
And I do hate pain
I do hate the burning stench
And I hate My Love when used in vain

-God is neither Santa Clause nor a Hallmark card, He is in fact all the terrible reality behind life and beyond death.