Atomic Opera:Doxology

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Artist: Atomic Opera
Albums: Gospel Cola (2000)
Composers: Frank Hart & John Simmons
Lyricists: Allison Leal & Frank Hart

All I ever wanted
Was something huge
Not this
Crumb of crusty bread
Starched, whited linen
Not the here
Most equal of shoulders pewed
Pressed together and crowded
Rising in unison
In a perfect world
We'll find the questions
In a world without end
Arched beams stretched over us
Like ribs
This common sense of surface
refracted light of windows paned
This procession of vows
Hovering in the rebreathed air
This numbering of days
For these two thousand years
This amen
Not This
This cup.

"If someone does not believe in trees, they should not go into the forest, or someone will bust their nose on a low hanging branch and blame it on God."
- Bad Buddha