Amanda Palmer:Who Killed Amanda Palmer (2008)

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Who Killed Amanda Palmer

Artist: Amanda Palmer
Released: September 16, 2008

  1. Astronaut: A Short History of Nearly Nothing (ft. Zoë Keating and Ben Folds) (4:37)
  2. Runs in the Family (ft. Ben Folds) (2:59)
  3. Ampersand (strings arranged by Paul Buckmaster) (5:59)
  4. Leeds United (ft. the Born Again Horny Men of Edinburgh) (4:55)
  5. Blake Says (ft. Zoë Keating and Ben Folds) (4:43)
  6. Strength Through Music (ft. Strindberg and Ben Folds) (3:29)
  7. Guitar Hero (ft. East Bay Ray and Ben Folds) (4:48)
  8. Have to Drive (ft. the Via Interficere Choir of Nashville and Jack Palmer; strings arranged by Paul Buckmaster) (5:50)
  9. What’s the Use of Wond’rin? (ft. Annie Clark of St. Vincent) (2:50)
  10. Oasis (ft. Ben Folds and Jared Reynolds) (2:57)
  11. The Point of It All (strings arranged by Paul Buckmaster) (5:35)
  12. Another Year: A Short History of Almost Something (strings arranged by Paul Buckmaster) (6:03)
  13. Straight (Amazon/iTunes Exclusive) (5:13)
  14. Leeds United (Lounge Version) (Amazon/iTunes Exclusive) (4:33)
  15. Guitar Hero (Alternate Version) (Amazon/iTunes Exclusive) (5:22)
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