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Artist: All:My:Faults
Albums: The Anger Manifest EP (2007)

Look through the mirror of reality
A world of happiness and fun between the melancholy
Of trusted loyalty
Inside our hearts there’s
A place called home
A place called Earth
A place in our world where no one is alone
Do I have a choice in my life
Could I break the innercircle of blind faith
And if I’m down
Could I rise? And when I’m high distorted signs seem to show me the way of life.

What if everything that’s around us
What if everything we love and try to live in is falling down
Is falling under ground zero
The beginning of the end
Trust becomes distrust
Love turns to hate
Brotherliness becomes hostility
Remember the history
The circle is closing in time
But if I keep the faith in myself
Could I break its lines?

All darkness of the world
Can’t prevent a little candle from shining
And all the winds that hatred brings
Can’t blow out the faithful lightning

Through the mirrors of reality
I’ve seen the hatred of the human being
And it was cruel
It was horrid
All these corpses and I smelled their decay
No church to help no priests were there to pray
For their souls
The world was lost
Because we had forgotten our roots
We had forgotten why we live and now I turn back from the fictive